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It is possible! Undiscovered Ibiza exists. There are secret spots where you feel (almost) alone in the world, or at least you get to withdraw from the known options for a bit. From an unknown market to the beautiful Atlantis – hurry, and discover the hidden spots of Ibiza.

Undiscovered Ibiza (secret Ibiza spots)

I totally understand that Ibiza is becoming more and more popular. It is a fantastic island with the most beautiful bays, the tastiest restaurants, the craziest parties, and the best atmosphere. I’ve been coming to Ibiza every summer for years. And you can definitely count on me next year – because a trip to Ibiza doesn’t have to be expensive (check out my low-budget Ibiza tips) but is always rewarding. The more I visit Ibiza, the more I discover the lesser-known places on the island. So I’m listing the most beautiful, undiscovered spots for you. Top secret! Don’t tell anyone, eh? 😉

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Tip 1 – Flea market on the racecourse

Go bargain hunting on Saturdays at the former racecourse in Sant Jordi. The Hipódromo is full of stalls. Some people sell their junk/gems from the trunk, others have a table, and others just lay a few cloths on the floor and do business that way. I like the market in the Hipódromo much more than the hippy markets of Punta Arabi and Es Canar. It’s quieter, you meet more locals, and it’s a lot less commercial.

Tip 2 – Cala Llentrisca: deserted beach and view of Es Vedra

Cala Llentrisca sounds like an ideal place: remote and extinct. With two friends, I drive towards Es Cubells, and from there, we walk – and get lost. We never found the beach of Cala Llentrisca. Do you want to give it a try? Here are the directions. Let me know if you found it; I’d be happy to give it another go.

What we do find is a poorly accessible hiking trail that takes us past different views of Es Vedra. Although the plan to visit Cala Llentrisca failed, I am pleased to have discovered this path. I can see Es Vedra from the opposite side of the usual viewing point. You have to be at Cala d’Hort for the sunset views on Es Vedra, but during the day, Es Vedra is stunning from this side, even on a slightly rainy day. An additional advantage: we are alone. We only meet two people on the trail. Don’t forget to wear good shoes, because it is not an easy walk.

Es Vedra at Cala Llentrisca

Tip 3 – Finding the sunken city of Atlantis

The hippies who lived in Ibiza in the 50s and 60s renamed Sa Pedrera Atlantis. They thought the story of the god of the sea who fell in love with an ordinary woman and made her the hilltop Atlantis was so beautiful that they wanted to honor it.

It is not only a beautiful story; Atlantis is also a beautiful place in Ibiza. Because it is difficult to reach, it is usually nice and quiet. The descent is steep and exhausting and not ideal if you are afraid of heights, I can tell you from experience. But the natural swimming pools and the surroundings are very worthwhile. Bring plenty of water and snacks as there is nothing for sale. Also, bring your (sustainable) sunscreen!

Would you like to find Atlantis? Check out my blog about Atlantis, including the route.

Tip 4 – Stonehenge in Ibiza

The real one is located in England, but Ibiza has its own Stonehenge. Stonehenge Ibiza is actually a work of art. In 2014, Australian Andrew Rogers made this circle of 13 columns for Guy Laliberté, the founder of Cirque du Soleil. The artwork is called Time and Space. And – as with almost any work of art- the creator feels it’s up to you to decide what it represents.

It’s said that the client had to pay a hefty fine because the artwork was put on this spot illegally. But I don’t think we need to feel sorry for Guy Laliberté. The huge pillars are made of stone from Turkey and were transported to Ibiza. On the highest pillar, you can see a 23-carat gold leaf at the top. So Guy probably has a well-filled wallet.

Location Stonehenge Ibiza

To get to Stonehenge Ibiza, follow the signs to Cala Codolar. At the fork, you do not choose the beach but the road without a sign. You will find a small parking lot, and then it is only a short walk to Stonehenge Ibiza. Be sure to walk towards the sea too while you’re there for beautiful views.

Tip 5 – Punta de Sa Pedrera

Punta de Sa Pedrera is also known as Little Atlantis. The impressive rock formations make Punta de Sa Pedrera a breathtaking stop. It’s also breathtaking because you have to walk for a while on unpaved, rocky roads in the full sun. So be prepared for a bit of scrambling over the rocks. A water bottle is not an unnecessary luxury to bring along. Use this location on Google Maps. Park your car somewhere along the dirt road to the point where it becomes too difficult to drive on. And then start your walk.

Few people know about this fantastic sight and viewpoint, so it is generally very peaceful. You have the realm more or less to yourself. A lovely piece of quiet Ibiza; it truly feels like a secret spot.

Tip 6 – Torre del Pirata (Torre de Savinar )

If you go to the famous viewpoint to admire Es Vedra, you can also follow the road up. It takes you to the Torre del Pirata (Google Maps location). There isn’t really a road, so you walk towards the tower by feel. Keep right and keep a close eye on the tower. It took me about fifteen minutes to get there. Put on some decent shoes because it is pretty dangerous in flip-flops.

The Torre del Pirata is an old watchtower, and you can climb on it – if you dare. You are probably not the only one who’s up for a visit in high season, but many people skip this viewing point because it is quite a climb up. So you might be in luck and escape the crowds.

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Tip 7 – Cova de Can Marçà

In the north of Ibiza, in Puerto de San Miguel, an over 100,000-year-old cave awaits you. This is the Cova de Can Marçà, once discovered by smugglers, now a small-scale tourist attraction. In 2019, two of those smugglers were still alive. They had respectable ages of 94 and 95 at that time.

Admire the hanging and standing stalactites that grow just an inch every 100 years. A guide leads you through the underground tunnel system past waterfalls and pools. Because the cave is now dry, the water is not natural. This is especially noticeable when the waterfall starts running at the push of a button. Green, blue, and red lights alternate as the water crashes. I can’t help but laugh at the drowsiness of it all. So unnecessary! The cave itself is interesting enough. It doesn’t need this light show.

Keep in mind that you have to climb a lot of stairs. But honestly: you want to! The view over the bay is awing. You can just go to the cave on spec. You usually don’t have to wait long for the next tour. But of course, you can also pre-order a ticket online.
This is the location.

Tip 8 – The cave of Tanit on Ibiza (Cova des Culleram)

Tanit is the goddess of the underworld, fertility, and Ibiza. Busy lady. She is worshiped in the Cova des Culleram cave. This one is about 150 meters high, which is quite a climb, I can tell you – I’m Dutch OK, I’m not used to hills. 😉 The cave of Tanit is an important archaeological site in Ibiza. The hundreds of ceramic statues found in the cave in 1907 are now almost all on display in the archaeological museum in Ibiza Town.

The cave has two different rooms, one of which was probably used for offerings to Tanit – ensuring people that their deceased loved ones had a smooth transition to the afterlife.

If you don’t feel like walking to the cave alone, check the Walking Ibiza calendar. They regularly walk with a group to the cave of Tanit.

Tip 9 – The abandoned bunkers at Es Bol Nou

At Es Bol Nou beach, also called Sa Caleta beach, you’ll find a nice restaurant and discover some secret Ibiza spots. Explore the beautiful terracotta-colored cliffs and discover bunkers, a tunnel, and a historic ruin. From the restaurant, follow the path up the rocks. You will run into the surprises here automatically (Google Maps location). The bunkers date from the Second World War and are now abandoned. They are freely accessible, and you can just walk through them.

A little further up, you will find a fenced area with the remains of a settlement from many centuries ago. The ruins can only be admired from a distance.

Don’t forget to check out the tunnel of Es Bol Nou too. An Instagram-worthy spot.
Curious how to get there? Get the details in my blog about Sa Caleta Ibiza.

Tip 10 – Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta

Hmm, when I arrive at Sala Salada and Cala Saladeta, I’m excited about this undiscovered part of Ibiza. But apparently, I am one of the few who had not yet discovered this beach because it quickly fills up. You park your car in the Cala Salada parking lot, and there you take the stairs down. You are now at Cala Salada. It is gorgeous already, but you can also walk/climb/clamber over the rocks on the right to get to Cala Saladeta. If you would like to go to Cala Saladeta but you don’t feel like the walk, you can take the bus to the Cala Salada parking lot for less than two euros.

Tip 11 – The cave of Cala Llonga

If you want to visit the cave of Cala Llonga, set your navigation to Carrer des Munt Kilimanjaro. Now, I have never been to Kilimanjaro. Still, I can assure you that the visit to the cave of Cala Llonga is a lot easier. From the beach, the cave is too far away, so take the car. You drive all the way down the road until you can’t go any further, and there you park your car. Follow the path through the forest for about five minutes, and the cave is on the right. It rains during my visit, and unfortunately, it is much too slippery to view the cave up close. Still, the thundering sound of the ocean also impresses from a distance. Walk a bit further past the cave for ocean views.

Tip 12 – Long stairs with a view over Ibiza town

In a residential area under construction, a long, white staircase has been constructed over the mountain. It leads to a lookout point over Ibiza town. On a clear day, you should be able to see Formentera. But, if it’s cloudy, it’s still a good workout. Many locals like to come in the morning to exercise and run up and down the stairs. But, you can also just drive up and park at the top. This is the Google Maps location.

Tip 13 – Paller des Camp

Well, dear reader, not every sight can be legendary. The rock of Paller des Camp definitely isn’t. It’s a rock (which looks suspiciously like a penis), and that’s basically it. The lookout point has been decorated with red hearts. Great for a quick photo stop, but not the best secret spot of Ibiza. This is the location.

Tip 14 – The cave of Sa Figuera Borda (aka the Rave Cave)

You can drive a little further towards Sa Figuera Borda from the Sunset Ashram and Cala Escondida beach. You park at the electricity house, but it’s also possible to walk from the beach if you’re feeling active. At the tip of the cliff (Google Maps location), a staircase leads you down to this beautiful cave. People like to come here to practice yoga, take pictures (there are unabashed and endless photo shoots for the Gram), and just relax. Those who dare can clamber around the entire bay along the rocks and find a place to sunbathe. Although there used to be illegal parties here, as far as I know, that no longer happens (please invite me if it does!).

Tip 15 – Hotel ruin of Cala d’en Serra

Cala d’en Serra is a stunning bay in the north of Ibiza (Google Maps location). It has a small beach bar, and you can definitely spend a few hours sunbathing and swimming. You can park your car at the top, or if you have a sturdy car, you can drive all the way down. But before you hit the beach, take a look at the graffiti “decorated” remains of a hotel. Here and there, it is no more than an ugly tag, but there are also beautiful murals in between. Be careful where you walk, because there is a lot of glass and the building is not safe everywhere. The building has never been in use, construction has ceased, and the wild ideas have come to nothing.

Tip 16 – climb the Sa Talaia mountain (the highest mountain on Ibiza)

In Sant Josep is the Sa Talaia mountain, which is the highest mountain in Ibiza: about 475 meters. So you can imagine that the views of the island are fantastic from here – on a clear day. I go when it rains a bit and is cloudy, but that is actually fine in terms of heat. The path to the top starts off challenging with a lot of climbing, after which you get to a regular hiking trail, but just before the top, it is once again mainly rocks. So put on good shoes because this climb is really not meant to be done on your flip-flops. There are several signs along the way that show you the way, so you won’t get lost. However, you will occasionally be overtaken by fanatical runners.

I think the climb is doable. It’s tough at parts, but it’s not a very long walk. We get to the top in half an hour; going down is a little faster. The starting point of the walk can be found here. Don’t feel like climbing? You can also just go there by car. The road is quite bumpy, so only drive up if your car can handle it.

Tip 16 – the caves of Punta Xarraco

At Punta Xarraco, you can take a nice walk, but there is even more to discover for the observant walker. There are two hidden caves: Cova d’en Jaumet and Cova Llevant. The internet just isn’t quite sure which one is which. At least I’ve only been able to find one, and I think it’s the Cova d’en Jaumet. I parked my car here and then turned right and walked along the wall. By keeping to the right, I arrived at a kind of plateau by the sea. Here I clambered down to the right and then followed the coastline to the left. And yes: it’s the first cave.

Then I searched for the Cova Llevant, but no luck. So it’s definitely a well-hidden secret spot in Ibiza! I eventually gave up and just finished the round by following the path along the coast. That in itself is not a punishment either: the view is beautiful, and I climbed down somewhere to admire the lunar landscape of Punta Xarraco. If you skip the caves and the lunar landscape, this is an effortless walk as you just follow a path. No clambering. If you also want to find the caves, you have to put on proper shoes!

Tip 17 – Torre des Molar

The Torre des Molar is one of the defensive towers of Ibiza. Another well-known one is the Torre de Pirata at Es Vedra. What’s nice about the Torre des Molar is that you can go in and on it. The stairs are super narrow, but it is possible. On top of the tower, you will be treated to a beautiful view of Port de Sant Miquel and the coast of Benirràs. You can get pretty close with your car (Google Maps location). From the parking lot, it is about a ten-minute walk to the Torre.

Tip 18 – Punta Galera and the hippie cave

Punta Galera is a beautiful plateau of rocks on the water. The rocks seem to slide over each other. It is a lovely spot where silence reigns. People come here to swim and sunbathe, practice yoga or enjoy the sunset peacefully. There is a cave hidden in the rock wall, Alex lives here (although he is occasionally sent away by the police). He lives here without modern amenities; he leads a hermit’s life. Every now and then, he has a chat with the visitors, and then he likes to talk about his life and Ibiza.

Park your car here and continue on foot.

Tip 19 – the Instagram swing of Cala Xarraca

Don’t be fooled by the beautifully styled Instagram photos of this swing in the water. It looks super idyllic, but in reality, you first have to swim a bit or climb over the rocks and then hoist yourself on the swing – only to find out that the swing hangs way too low in the water. As a result, you can’t swing, and the rope chafes in your legs. Quickly shoot the picture and go because the next person is ready to take a shot too. BUT! It is a gorgeous bay, so worth a visit. You park your car at the top of the main road. There is an emergency lane where you can park.

Tip 20 – the natural bridge of Cala d’Albarca

In my head, a natural bridge sounds like something I’d like to see. However, once I’m there, my fear of heights kicks in, and I quickly snap a photo with trembling knees. I KNOW that the bridge is quite broad and that I will not just fall off, but still… From the parking lot (Google Maps location), you follow the path down for about 25 minutes. It is easy to walk, but there are many stones and rocks. Once again: put on good walking shoes. It is still nice and quiet on the route in the morning, so you can take plenty of time for photos and just enjoy the view.

Tip 21 – Pi ver de can Besuró

Hello, giant tree! Rumor has it that this is the largest and oldest tree in Ibiza. I don’t question that for a minute once I see it. Wow, what an impressive tree. I’d almost become a tree hugger. It is high and above all very wide. In some places, the branches are supported to prevent them from breaking. Beautiful place to take pictures. This is the Google Maps location. It’s usually very quiet, so honor that when you visit.

Pi ver de can Besuró: Ibiza's largest tree

Tip 22 – Abandoned Festival Club

Near Sant Josep is an old, abandoned club (exact location on Google Maps). In the 1970s, people partied in the Festival Club. Unfortunately, in 1972, the club opened, and in 1974, it had to close again due to towering debts. Several attempts have been made to reopen the club but without success. The Abandoned Festival Club is a special place to wander through. The terrain is enormous, and nature is slowly winning from the concrete. And though the decay is evident, you can still distinguish the different spaces from each other: dance floor, restaurant, amphitheater… Graffiti has been applied everywhere, which is excellent for photos.

Tip 23 – Torre d’en Rovira

By now, you know that a tower (Torre) on Ibiza is not so unique. There are several that you can visit. But it’s not just about the building, it’s also about the view. And that view is beautiful at the Torre d’en Rovira (Google Maps location). Once at the building, I see several cars parked closer. How they did that, I have no idea. We parked along Carrer Cala Embarcado and followed the coastline from there. A walk of about fifteen minutes, twenty minutes. Along the way, we encounter no tourists, but we do meet some fishermen and beautiful views. The cliffs are high! I keep my distance from the edge, thank you very much.

Tip 24 – Torre de Campanitx

Yep, another defense tower. You also come here for the view. You follow a bumpy road to the tower until you can no longer drive, there you park (Google Maps location). Then it is a five-minute walk to the tower. On the route, you’ll pass a bay. It’s called Pou des Lleo. On your way back you can take a photo stop here, even in the rain it is still beautiful. Or have a drink at the restaurant or the beach bar.

Tip 25 – The Spaik graffiti tunnel

Slightly outside Ibiza town but still walkable, you will find a tunnel painted by the artist Spaik during a street art festival. On one side of the tunnel, you can see a giant eagle and a snake on the other side. Actually, the painting of the snake used to cover the ground, but that has since been swept away. Find the tunnel here.

Tip 26 – Sagrat Cor de Jesus

Tucked away in a residential area is a huge statue of Jesus overlooking Ibiza town. Depending on the season, you can enjoy the same view, but sometimes it is simply too overgrown to see through the trees. The statue is 23 meters high and was completed in 1947. At the bottom of the figure is an altar full of flowers, cuddly bears, photos, and more. In theory, you can park your car nearby (Google Maps location). However, I find the road somewhat questionable and prefer to walk the last part. Which is pretty nice actually, because you walk past beautiful, typical Ibizan houses in the middle of nature.

Tip 27 – The hippie cave of Es Vedra

In the past, the hippie cave at Es Verda had a colorful collection of knick-knacks. It has now been completely emptied, and there is only a dirty mattress and a notepad. Not super impressive, but if you’re going to admire Es Vedra anyway, why not take a quick look? First, you have to go searching for it. From the viewing platform, you have to follow the coastline up a bit, and then you will automatically see a place where you can go down. You follow the coastline back, and then you will see it on your right. It’s really just a short walk! If you visit the Torre de Pirata, you will probably see the cave on your way back down. Then you know precisely where you need to be. You can park here, from this point you simply follow the road straight on towards the coast.

Tip 28 – Puertas Can Soleil

Near Stonehenge, you will find the Puertas Can Soleil. The doors have been demolished, and now only the gates remain. There’s not much beauty left in this secret Ibiza spot unfortunately. There is a kind of mosaic pattern on the floor, and on the gates themselves, you will find inscriptions. If you peer through the large gate into the distance, you’ll see Stonehenge. The Puertas may not be the most legendary landmark you will encounter in Ibiza. Still, if you are already visiting Stonehenge, you might as well take a look here. This is the Google Maps location.

Tip 29 – visit the Moscarter lighthouse

The Faro des Moscarter is the highest lighthouse on Ibiza and the tallest in the Balearic Islands. The Faro des Moscater is about 52 meters long and was ready in 1977. It is located at the tip of Sa Punta Moscarter (Google Maps location). We looked for a parking spot on a dirt road along the Cami Cala d’en Serra and continued walking. Part through the forest and along red-colored stretches of land and then along the coastline via the cliffs. That provides beautiful views, but make sure you don’t walk too close to the edge and watch out for loose stones. The walk took me about 20 minutes.

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