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Discovering new things, looking for challenges, and visiting foreign countries are really fun, and, to be honest, sometimes a bit scary. But all those new experiences make life so much more beautiful!

Through this blog, I keep you up to date on my big and small travel adventures so that you can benefit from them. Who I am? I’m Kim. Since I was a teenager, I have tried to see as much of the world as possible. It all started with a language course in Malta. It was my first holiday alone, and my parents wouldn’t let me go unaccompanied. So this was an ideal middle ground. Malta was where the travel flame was sparked. Soon, I found a summer job in Blanes (Spain), an internship in Aruba, a study abroad period in England, back for a summer job in Aruba, and then a summer job in Curacao. All with school work and jobs in between, obviously! On top of that, I mainly did beach holidays. Until I once went to visit a friend in Vietnam. Backpacking, I thought it wouldn’t be for me. I was wrong! A month after I returned from Vietnam, I visited her again in Cambodia. And many more trips followed: city trips, backpacking trips, ‘normal’ holidays and also outings in the Netherlands.

Blogging since… a long time ago

I kept the home front informed through a Waarbenjij.nu travel diary. The result was long stories about what I was doing (in chronological order). Boring, I admit. I don’t even dare to read those stories anymore: the shame! I’m not sure if they can still be found online; I hope not. 🙂 In 2012, I started blogging on Tumblr to document my three-month trip through Central America. The stories were still mainly interesting for my mother (my biggest fan!), but I felt I had found something with blogging and traveling. A passion?

Small and large travel adventures

I can now call my blog a proper travel blog. I write about large and small travel adventures at home and abroad. Things like a delicious meal, a lovely encounter, an impressive sight, or something else that I find special and would like to share with you. I enjoy describing what I see and doing research to better understand how things work. You can read my articles here on Trip Unlocked, or if you know Dutch on Kimopreis.nl.

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