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Drum roll, please…. I hereby declare Santa Gertrudis to be the loveliest village in Ibiza. Santa Gertrudis is in the geographical heart of Ibiza, and I am sure: Santa Gertrudis in Ibiza will also find a place in your heart.

Santa Gertrudis’ growth spurt

Santa Gertrudis in Ibiza was relatively unknown a few years ago but has gone through a considerable growth spurt. As a result, the range of restaurants and shops has massively increased.

In the village square is a white limestone church. It’s surrounded by quaint boutiques, traditional local restaurants, and modern hip eateries. There are not really any sights, so you mainly come to Santa Gertrudis to stroll through the streets and settle down with a drink at one of the cafes. There are many good restaurants here, also for the evening.

Bar Costa: friendly and traditional

A popular place in Santa Gertrudis: Bar Costa. Tourists and locals enjoy an ice-cold beer and richly filled sandwiches in the busy outside area. But it is also cozy inside. There are paintings to be admired everywhere. Not always beautiful, but there is a nice story behind them. Back in the day (not quite sure which day), you could trade your painting for food at Bar Costa. So if you had no money and were a bit creative, you were in the right place for a ‘free’ meal.

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L’atelier nº74: creative workshops

Are you feeling creative? Then visit L’atelier nº74 in Santa Gertrudis. You can enjoy breakfast or lunch in the garden and join all kinds of workshops in the craft workshop. You can embroider, paint while drinking wine, and make smudge sticks. There is something to do every day. Nice for a change and something different on your holiday! Read more about the options in my blog about L’atelier nº74.

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Wild Beets: healthy, healthier, healthiest

How about some vitamins? Go to the raw and vegan restaurant Wild Beets in Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza. It’s a popular place because they are so creative with vegan food. The interior is not very special, but the food is delicious. It is fun and tasty for people who have been eating vegan for years but also for those who want to give vegan food a chance.

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Concept store SLUIZ in Santa Gertrudis

On the main road towards Santa Gertrudis, the concept store SLUIZ attracts attention. You can already tell from the parking lot that this is a unique store. Large colored cows are hanging in the trees, and the parking lots are reserved for swingers and conspiracy theorists.

You can’t help but be amazed in the store. It’s full of gnomes, monkeys, and other crazy things. But, usually too big to take home in your suitcase. SLUIZ also has a large clothing department.

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Cocktail bar without a cocktail menu: Overall

Ok, it’s pricey, but wow, those flavors! At Overall in Santa Gertrudis, there is so much attention and love in every sip and every bite. The restaurant opened in 2021 and is called Overall because the owners see the restaurant as food and drink workshop. This means that almost everything here is made from scratch: all liqueurs, all juices, all vegetables, all ingredients actually. The bartender will create a unique cocktail for you based on your taste. Do you like bitter, sweet, or floral? They make surprising distillates from sugar snap peas and Nutella, if you like. Fermenting, distilling – they do it all themselves, and at the bar, you see the impressive devices they use for it. Really cool.

You can sit at the table, but I recommend you sit at the bar. This way, you have a good view of the craftsmanship. The staff explains the food in detail. Almost everything on your plate is smoked – which explains the smell in the restaurant. All dishes are creative. Even standard dishes, such as bread with aioli, are done differently, with a lot of attention to flavor combinations. Eating in this Santa Gertrudis restaurant is an attack on your wallet because you keep ordering those cocktails, but such an extraordinary experience!

By the way, it takes a while to find Overall because, on the outside, you can’t see all the beauty that happens inside. So it is quiet when I am there; I hope they have a good season. Please go check it out!

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